How this works

Here are some simple tips and advice you should take with you on the road. Following these basic instructions is the key to ensure that we can handle the shipping of your package as quickly as possible.

After you have registered an account with us you are ready to begin shopping in the United States. You use the JetCarrier address that you as your “shipping” address.


1) Shop online in USA
In the US online market You will find everything you could dream of and a great deal more. Many online retailers are taking Norwegian credit cards and American shipping address. You can also use PayPal as a payment method. Once you’ve shopped and paid for goods, it is important that you, as quickly as possible:

2) Book a freight on your JetCarrier account 
Why is it important? Well, your booking tell us that you are expecting a package – as well as the way you want it sent to you. We provide both air and sea freight so it is wise to pre-decide transport method based on how large / heavy you think this will be. Check our price lists and shipping calculator to do your own calculations on what pays the most for you.
To book a freight You need to log in to your JetCarrier account and choose “Book airfreight” or “Book sea freight” from the menu, then you come to a table you fill out. Once that is done you will find again the freight you just booked under “My air freight” or “My sea freight”. Also check our training videos for more information.

3) Uploading or submit a receipt
Once you have received a confirmation from the online store you are purchasing from, we would like to have a copy of this digital invoice. We need this to properly be able to export your goods out of the US, and to declare the goods into your country. The receipt should as a minimum show a) identity of the recipient (you) b) what you have ordered c) the value of what you have ordered. Information on how to submit a receipt digitally will be displayed on page 2, after you have booked a package.

4) Pay the shipping invoice from your account
We do not send out invoices by snail mail, they can be found on your JetCarrier account. You will get an e-mail when the invoice is ready, and then you can easily log on and find invoice and payment details. You can also print out a copy for your own accounting if you wish. Airfreight is billed usually 2-3 days after we send out the package domestically, while ocean freight is billed when the package is underway and about 10 days before the arrival at destination port.