Air Freight

Due to the Covid-19 situation air freight is usually delayed 2-5 days, it is impossible to have an exact arrival day at the moment. We are very often forced to have cut-off on thursday to secure space on the cargo freighter, so it may vary from week to week if goods delivered on fridays will make the weekend shipment.

We ship out Air Freight every weekend. On Tuesdays after 5 pm (17:00), most of the packages are trackable as they are sent thru one of our Final-Mile Freight networks.

Winter Schedule: October 22th will be the first day of Winter Schedules. Air Freights will leave USA on Sundays, land in Norway on Mondays, and be scanned and Customs-Cleared on Tuesdays.


Our services:

  • Your own unique mailbox in the US
  • Handling of incoming goods
  • Freight to Scandinavia and Customs Clearance
  • Final delivery to you

Our services have been running since year 2000, and thousands of Scandinavians use us on a regular basis, due to our affordable prices, fast freights, and outstanding flexibility.

  • Fixed prices, no hidden costs
  • No package dimension or weight limits

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* Note: We do not regard a package as “received”, before we have registered it in our system – even if your domestic tracking in the US shows that it was delivered before cut-off.