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Air Freight is priced to your nearest pickup point or delivered at door. Sea Freight is priced to our terminal in Halden, Norway. Delivery Price on Sea.

Freight from our terminal in Halden to your delivery address, is calculated once the goods have left the US, and you will receive an offer along with the regular invoice.

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1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 lb = 0.454 kilo
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Customs clearance fees are usually included, read more about this here.
Import Taxes in your home country will apply, usually VAT and sometimes Toll/Duty.
If you only have 1 package on Sea Freight with a weight under 5 kg/35 dm3 Final Delivery is included.
Please also see our Price List, we reserve against typos or errors in the calulator.

AIR TEMPORARY PRICE INCREASE: Due to shortage of airfreight space the cost has increased. The additional rate is updated here. SEA rate is unchanged until further notice.