MC Freight

There might be a small fortune to save on importing your own motorcycle from the US, especially Harley Davidson bikes, since these are only manufactured in the USA. In addition, you can find just the unique MC that perhaps only you are going to have in your country.

How can we help you?

  • Pick up your MC within 48 states (not Alaska nor Hawaii).
  • Export your MC from of the US.
  • Crate your MC for overseas shipping.

We can also offer payment/purchase help with MCs, so that you do not need to transfer money to an unknown person in the United States.
This is an additional service, and the price can be found here.

All MCs must be crated for Sea Freight. Crating means that we will build a box around your motorcycle to prevent it from taking damage during transportation.


Important Export Documents
We need the following documents to export your MC out of the USA. If we are missing one or more, we cannot export your MC, and it will need to sit in our warehouse until we received all documents required for the export. Received MCs have 21 days of free storage until a storage fee starts running. Storage Fees, you will find in our price list.
Original Title: Owner name on title must be the same as seller name on bill of sale. We can not use a copy of the title.
Bill-of-Sale (BOS): must be computerized, printed, signed, and finally notarized. If the seller does not have a professional BOS, you may download one here.
Documentation of the Money Transfers: Bank Statement, PayPal receipt or similar. If you have paid a deposit and later on, a wire transfer as well, we need a copy of both.
Power of attorney: You need to fill out our PoA and send our customer service along with a copy of your passport ID page. Click to download our power of attorney.

NOTE! due to the amount of documentation and controls from Customs on motorcycles & similar vehicles you must expect a total transportation time of 8-12 weeks. It can often take 3 weeks alone to get the papers thru Customs.

Pick-up Cost, US
Contact us for an offer on pick-up of your Motorcycle, we need to know address and zip code in order to give you a price quote. Additional costs may apply if your bike proves hard to move due to condition or size, and/or if the bike is located far away from normal transport routes. NOTE! The Price quote is valid up to a wheel base of 107 inches or less (270 cm); see image below.