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Quick, FREE, and Easy Registration, your U.S. address can be used right away.Shop online from American merchants, and get your items shipped to your new US shipping address.Log onto your account, and let us know how you want the items shipped.You can track your packages through your account, all the way home.
JetCarrier gives you access to almost every online store in the US, providing you with your own US drop shipping address.

  • Fast and Economical Air and Sea Freight
    Fast and Economical Air and Sea Freight
  • We handle all your transportation needs
    We handle all your transportation needs

Many US online stores do not send packages abroad or they charge high shipping cost. Also, they may charge you additional costs once the package arrives in your home country.

JetCarrier provides you with your own US shipping address, giving you more options to shop at great prices. Your JetCarrier address is not a postbox address; it is a daytime, Monday to Friday address where we receive your packages and sign for them. We have loading docks and use fork lifts at our terminal and can handle anything from small packages to vehicles.

Shop whatever you want; have your goods sent to your personal JetCarrier address, and we will ship it all the way home to you,
swift & economical.