Kategoriarkiv: Driftsmelding

SEA 1391

SEA 1391 is scheduled to arrive into Norway at the end of January.

SEA 1391 has been processed and sent out. Packages are trackable and ready for pickup.

AIR 807

AIR 807 arrived today and was processed and distributed. But, PostNord is on their limited holiday schedule, so they will either pick the parcels up on Thursday or Friday. PostNord will be back on their full schedule and routes on Friday.

SEA 1390

SEA 1390 is expected to arrive to Norway within Week 4 of 2020.

Update: SEA 1390 has been processed and distributed. PostNord will pick packages up later this afternoon and process them, after which the packages will be fully trackable.

SEA 1389

SEA 1389 is expected to arrive to Norway within Week 2 of 2020.

UPDATE: Godt Nyttår🎉 – AND Good News, SEA 1389 has arrived early, and is being processed and distributed. Packages will go out and be ready for pickup tomorrow.

AIR 804

AIR 804, there will be a 1 day delay for around 25% of the total packages due to problems at Gardermoen yesterday evening.
Our regular truck did not receive all goods, and the handler had misplaced the missing packages.
We do not have control over what packages is missing at the moment, but if your goods is not scanned into our system today it will be part of tomorrows shipment. We are sorry for the delay.