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SEA 1480 & 1481

SEA 1480 is expected into Rotterdam for reload today and should arrive 3 June, we hope to start distribution end of next week (5-6 June)

SEA 1481 has the same ETA and is expected into distribution end of next week or beginning of the following week (9-10 June)


Information reaching us this morning, has it that SEA Batch 1479 has a new tentative date of arrival to Norway. The date is 25th of May.

This current delay according to the Maritime Schedule is as a result of the Feeder been delayed due to congestion that piled up from the previous ports.

Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE: goods arrived at port the 25Th and we hope to start inland distribution 29-30 Th May.

Batch 1478

There has been so many uncertainties about Batch 1478 and we agreeably understand the frustration at the unexpected delays. This has been due to the backlogs from the Port in the US, re-routing of vessels due to the Baltimore Bridge Crash and of course human inputs at the Port.

We finally got 1478 on the vessel, it has set sail and we are expecting it to arrive tentatively in Norway in the first week of May (around the 8th latest). This is the information we are working with for now.

We crave your patience and understanding as we have been careful not to release a date and then get disappointed with all that is happening due to the situation in the US. But we hope this is the last lap.

1479 was sent yesterday to be loaded onto a vessel. More information coming soon.

SEA BATCH 1476 & 1477

Due to the recent powerful Pacific Storm that hit certain parts of the US, there has been a massive disruption and delay as regard our sea freight. Batch 1476 and 1477 now have an estimated date of arrival in Norway for the 19th of March.

We sincerely apologise for the late information (it was almost impossible to get a tentative date) and also for the disruption.

Thank you for your understanding and have a good weekend, folks.


SEA BATCH 1475 is arrival at our premises 22.02.2024.

AIR BATCH 1022 has an Expected Date of Arrival of 13.02.2024 (all other things being equal)


SEA 1475 & 1476

SEA 1475 has a preliminary ETA 17/2 into Oslo/Fr.stad.

SEA 1476 has a preliminary ETA 5/3 into Oslo/Fr.stad.

Actual arrival depend om Vessel noe being delayed into Rotterdam where the cargo is loaded onto feeder Vessel. If the cargo misses the feeder tit will go with another feeder Vessel but his usually creates a 5-7 day delay.

Quick Update: SEA 1474 & AIR 1020

SEA BATCH 1474 delivery has been delayed, but we are hopeful that it would be delivered to us today before close of business (fingers crossed).

AIR BATCH 1020 unfortunately, has been delayed also and would probably not get to us until Friday (not Thursday as earlier expected).

We will keep you updated if the situation changes.

Thank you for your patience and support.

UPDATE: AIR 1019 & SEA 1474


As we write, we are yet to receive AIR BATCH 1019 and have not received any news from Gardermoen. This terrible delay will ultimately affect when goods will be sent out to our valued customers or when goods could be picked up at our premises.

SEA BATCH 1474: The feeder has left Netherlands and is estimated to be in Fredrikstad on the 26th of January (if there are no further disruptions from Storm Jocelyn which is being expected today).

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate this period of weather uncertainties and disruptions.