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SEA 1462 has arrived, goods going into domestic distribution starting today the 6Th.

SEA 1463 is expected 20-22 June.

AIR is on mostly on schedule and usually go to domestic distribution Wednesdays/Thursdays every week.


SEA 1461 is being transloaded in Rotterdam today, we expect it to arrive in Halden 16-18 May. Domestic distribution expected within 24-36 hours after arrival in our warehouse.

SEA 1462 left USA the 5 May and is expected around 28-30 Th may for domestic distribution late May / early June.

AIR batches now have departure on Mondays and we are now seeing domestic distribution Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is due to summer schedules with our air transporter.

SWEDEN: We have a delay of distribution into Sweden, this should be resolved by this mid-week. Its is a logistics and customs issue we are working full-time to resolve.

AIR 980

is delayed, the flight was cancelled and we are waiting for a new arrival date. Follow our Facebook page for more frequent updates.


AIR 978 will go into domestic distribution starting tomorrow the 12 Th.

SEA 1458 is expected to go into domestic distribution 13 Th April.
SEA 1457 is expected to harbour Friday the 14 Th April and should be in domestic distribution 17-18Th April.

SEA 1459 is expected to arrive 18 Th April.
SEA 1460 is expected to arrive 22 Th April.

AIR 977 – all goods has gone into domestic distribution, due to Easter there may be delays in domestic distribution.


Air 977 has been delayed with one day and is expected down to Halden for domestic distribution later today 4 March. We hope to get everything into distribution by 1400 hours tomorrow.

UPDATE Air & Sea

 SEA 1457 and 1458 expected 6 – 8Th April.

SEA 1459 has a preliminary ETA 18 Th April.
SEA 1460 has a preliminary ETA 22Th April.

AIR has been on schedule last few weeks, we are expecting 976 for going into distribution tomorrow.


AIR 973 arrived on schedule and went into domestic distribution yesterday and today.

SEA 1456 is slightly delayed, it was loaded onto feeder in Rotterdam the 7 Th and will arrive in Oslo the 10 Th. We expect domestic distribution starting 13 Th March.

SEA 1457 and 1458 is expected late March / Early April. We will update as soon as we have preliminary ETA’s.


AIR 972 was bumped by Carrier and is now expected tomorrow 1Th March, we have asked the Airline for an explanation.
We do not expect this to happen 2 weeks in a row.

SEA 1456 is now expected to Oslo 7Th March.