Aihearkisto: Liiketoimintasanoma

AIR 888

AIR 888 is here in Norway, but the containers shall be held over at the airport over the weekend and be delivered on Monday. We will process it as quickly as we can, and get the packages sent out and ready for regular customer pickup on Tuesday. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

SEA 1425

SEA 1425 has a new ETA 14/8 due to high traffic at the port in Bremerhaven. We are in communication with the shipping company to solve this as quickly as possible. We are very sorry for the delay.

SEA 1395

UPDATE 15.04: 1395 will arrive today, we will start working on this shipment asap and we hope that most goods can be cleared to leave our warehouse tomorrow.

UPDATE: This shipment have been delayed in Bermerhaven, and will be 1 week behind schedules, expected arrival is now saturday 11th, and due to eastern holidays we expect to start working on it on tuesday 14th.
SEA 1395 is scheduled to arrive into Norway within Week 14.

SEA 1393

SEA 1393 is scheduled to arrive to our Halden Terminal within Week 11.

Update: 1393 is scheduled to arrive to our Halden terminal this Wednesday, March 11.

SEA 1392

SEA 1392 is scheduled to arrive to our Halden Terminal on Friday, February 14 : Valentine’s Day =)

UPDATE: 1392’s container arrived on Monday (17/2) and was processed and sent with PostNord. Packages should be trackable and are ready for pickup.