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SEA 1363

SEA 1363 is departing the US, December 6, and its tentative ETA is Week 2.

SEA Batch 1363 arrived at our terminal in Halden on 9. January. We expect the goods to be sent out tomorrow.

AIR 751

AIR 751 cargo usually leaving JFK on sundays is delayed 2 days. We are awaiting feedback from Norwegian for the reason for the delay. We will not be able to scan and custom clear 751 goods until thursday.

Due to cancellation of another flight from JFK on friday and the fact that Norwegian had to set up a smaller aircraft on saturday they where not able to transport our cargo until the next Dreamliner departs today. This is because of cargo is optimized for the cargo space in the Dreamliner aircrafts.

SEA 1362

SEA 1362 has been processed and distributed, 3. Jan. Packages should be trackable later this evening.

SEA 1362 is closed and will be on its way 24. November, and its tentative ETA is between Weeks 51-52.

SEA 1362 unfortunately is arriving 1 week after its ETA, due to problems at the harbor in Bremerhaven.

Also, Postnord unfortunately does not deliver during Romjulen (starting Dec 21 – Jan 1), so there will be no shipments from us until after New Year’s.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

AIR 748

AIR 748 is being processed, and the packages are being distributed and sent out. Packages should be trackable later this evening.

SEA 1361

SEA 1361 batch has closed and will leaving USA 13. November and arriving on Week 50, tentative ETA 12. December.

Update: SEA 1361 has arrived on 5. December and has been processed and distributed. Packages should be trackable later this evening.