Kategoriarkiv: Driftsmelding

AIR 839

AIR 839 have arrived Scandinavia, we expect to receive the goods in the afternoon and will start the customs clearances and scanning of this batch tomorrow.

AIR 838

AIR 838 have a preliminary arrival in Norway tomorrow and we expect most goods to be sent out for final mile delivery on wednesday.

Next schedules

Air 837 in Norwegian distribution yesterday, Sweden and EU today.
SEA 1402 should be with us Friday or Monday and in domestic distribution shortly thereafter. 
SEA 1403 has a preliminary ETA at 13th August.
SEA 1404 has a preliminary ETA around 22th August.

Please also check our facebook page for current updates.

Air 833, 834 and SEA 1401

Last packages from Air 833 was completed today, expect to be in Nordic distribution later today and tomorrow.

Air 834 is approx 50% done, the rest of the goods come with another carrier and we expect to finish 834 by Friday at noon.

Sea 1401 is expected early next week, no delays are announced.

SEA 1402 is expected end of July/early August.