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Update Air & Sea

Air 933 has been distributed and on schedule.

Sea 1443 was received 1Th June and distributed the following day.

Sea 1444 was received 2Th. June one day behind Schedule in Rotterdam, it is being loaded onto Nordic feeder and we expect the goods 6Th June but there could be a small delay due to the initial delay into Rotterdam.


AIR 931, 932 has been distributed both with a one day delay.

SEA 1443 is expected to be delivered to us 27Th May.
SEA 1444 is now expected 22Th June.

Port congestion is still an issue but transit times are going down. 🤞

Photo is from a recent Cars and Coffee in Delaware.


Update on SEA (and AIR).

We are now shipping containers with ACL and hope to cut the transit times down to and under 30 days. 1444 was loaded with ACL early this week and is heading for Europe, ETA to be updated initially 12 Th of June.

SEA 1440 was received Friday morning and distributed same day, goods should be on the way to customers very early next week.

SEA 1442 is being delivered to us Monday 16Th and we expect to get all goods into distribution that same day.

Norway is closed down on the National day 17 Th May so expect first tracking events to be available from Wednesday 18Th and thereafter.


AIR 931 is on Schedule and we expect to get all goods into distribution Monday 16 Th.

AIR 930 and Sea update

Air 930 went into distribution starting today the 10Th May.

SEA Update
Sea 1440 left Hamburg 9Th May on Feeder to Oslo, we expect the goods to arrive in Oslo tomorrow 11Th.
Sea 1442 left Rotterdam today 10Th May on feeder to Oslo, we expect the goods to arrive in Oslo 14Th May.
Sea 1443 now has ETA Rotterdam 16Th May and Oslo 21Th May.

AIR 929 and update on SEA

AIR 929 went into distribution Monday-Tuesday this week on schedule.

SEA 1441 is confirmed unloaded in Oslo today 4th May, we expect the goods tomorrow and everything should be in distribution starting Friday 6th.

SEA 1440 is now confirmed unloaded today 4th May 06:15 in in Hamburg, ETA Oslo is now set at 6th May and we will start distribution asap next week.

SEA 1442 is to arrive Rotterdam today 11:00 and Oslo the 8Th May
(The vessel is on schedule 3 hours away from Rotterdam).

SEA 1443 is set to arrive Rotterdam the 13th may and Oslo the 18th.

AIR 928

AIR 928 was delayed at Gardermoen, we expect the goods to be in distribution from tonight 26Th April or tomorrow.


1440 Departure from Transhipment Port Southampton 25.4 – ETA now 4 May
1441 Unloaded in Rotterdam today, onto feeder to Oslo – ETA is 30 April
1442 On its way to Rotterdam, then onto feeder to Oslo, ETA is 9 May
1443 Left Philadelphia 20.4, ETA is 18 May

AIR 927 – update on SEA 1440 – 1441 – 1442 -1443

AIR 927 was sent to distribution Norway yesterday and into Sweden/EU today.

SEA freight is still seeing delays and port congestion, we continue to look for alternative routes.

SEA 1440 – ETA is now estimated to arrive at 1 May. For unknown reason the carrier routed via Southampton UK and it was discharged 18 April, waiting to go onto vessel Torrente to Hamburg and feeder to Oslo.

SEA 1441 – heading towards Rotterdam then feeder to Oslo with ETA 27 April.

SEA 1442 – heading towards Rotterdam then onto feeder to Oslo with ETA 7 May

SEA 1443 – outbound Philadelphia today towards Rotterdam and feeder to Oslo, ETA 14 May


AIR 925 is on schedule and we hope to start distributing Monday 4th.

Sorry for late updates, last week was very hectic, we received AIR 924 on time and SEA 1437, 1438 and 1439 in 3 days.

Most all goods has been declared and been sent out to customers. We continue to search options and reliable freightliners. Port congestion is still a reality though.

AIR 923

Air 923 was delayed 2 days out of USA, we expect to distribute 23-24Th March. Sorry for the delay, we have requested more more information from the carrier to avoid delays in the future.