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UPDATE Air & Sea

AIR is on normal Schedule, we collect during the week and received goods exported, transported to airport, loaded on flights and arrive OSLO in the weekend. We start on customs clearance and send to domestic distribution Monday / Tuesdays.

SEA 1451 is expected 6-8Th December, it was delayed out of the US and we are investigating the delay.

SEA 1452 is expected 10Th December and on schedule.

SEA 1453 is closing next week and we have a preliminary ETA around 22-24Th December.


AIR 953 will go into Nordic distribution starting tomorrow 18 Th October.

SEA 1450 is expected around 24-25Th October. The vessel is expected into LeHavre tonight 17 Th, continuing to Rotterdam and then the Nordic countries.


AIR 949 received and will go into Nordic distribution from tomorrow 20Th September.

SEA 1447 received today and going into distribution starting tonight 19Th September.

SEA 1448 & 1449 now have preliminary ETA 3-5 October.


AIR, 948 in distribution with one day delay.
AIR 949 expected in distribution 19Th-20Th September.

SEA 1447 has confirmed arrival tomorrow 16Th and will go into distribution Monday 19Th.
SEA 1448 and 1449 preliminary arrival 2-3 October
SEA 1450 is closing and we have a preliminary ETA 21Th October.

Update AIR and SEA

AIR 947 on schedule and should be in production tomorrow 6 Th September.
AIR has been more or less on schedule this summer.

SEA 1448 has a preliminary ETA 1-3Th October
SEA 1449 has a preliminary ETA 3Th October

SEA 1447 now have an Estimated arrival 15Th September.


AIR 938 just left for airport and should be in distribution Monday.

SEA 1446 was stuffed and left Delaware yesterday and has been checked in at harbour in Baltimore. 1445 and 1446 are expected to arrive around 25 Th July – 2 August.


AIR 936 went into Norwegian distribution yesterday 21 Th June, and into Sweden and EU today.

SEA 1445 has a preliminary ETA 20 Th July.

SEA 1446 has a preliminary ETA 22 Th July.


AIR 935 received on schedule and going into Nordic distribution tonight.

SEA 1444 received today and going into Nordic distribution from tomorrow the 14Th.


AIR 935 has left Newark and should be in Nordic distribution Monday 13Th / Tuesday 14Th.

SEA 1444 should be in Nordic distribution starting 13Th / 14Th June as well.

ETA SEA 1445 should be available early next week.