Forfatterarkiv: teveo

AIR 862

AIR 862 on its way and should be in distribution 19-20th January.

861: Distributed 12-13th januar.

860: Due to the New Year weekend air 860 is slightly delayed, the goods should be in distribution 7-8th January.

AIR844 – 848 and forward , SEA1406, SEA 1407, 1408

Status AIR: We are shipping out in the weekends and receive Monday or Tuesday’s. Shipments are customs cleared and usually in domestic distribution same day or the day after.

Sea 1406 has preliminary ETA 8th October, we have seen outbound delays at US East Coast ports last month. Distributed 8th October and getting into EU distribution 11-12 th October.

Sea 1407 Has a preliminary ETA 15th October, so far en route.

SEA 1408 preliminary ETA end of October.

AIR 841, 842, 843, SEA 1406

Air 841, 842 received with the usual 2-3 days delay, 843 shipped from USA this last weekend.

SEA 1406 has been closed but there are outbound delays in the US, more info when we get this, assume a week or two delays.

Next schedules

Air 837 in Norwegian distribution yesterday, Sweden and EU today.
SEA 1402 should be with us Friday or Monday and in domestic distribution shortly thereafter. 
SEA 1403 has a preliminary ETA at 13th August.
SEA 1404 has a preliminary ETA around 22th August.

Please also check our facebook page for current updates.

Air 833, 834 and SEA 1401

Last packages from Air 833 was completed today, expect to be in Nordic distribution later today and tomorrow.

Air 834 is approx 50% done, the rest of the goods come with another carrier and we expect to finish 834 by Friday at noon.

Sea 1401 is expected early next week, no delays are announced.

SEA 1402 is expected end of July/early August.