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Update AIR & SEA

AIR 970 was on schedule and distributed Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday this week.

SEA 1455 has arrived air port and is expected to our warehouse for domestic distribution today the 16Th or tomorrow.

SEA 1456 has a preliminary estimated time of arrival 3 March.

SEA 1457 is about to being closed and heading to port of Baltimore next week.


All goods from AIR 969 is in distribution.

SEA 1455 was delayed into Rotterdam and we now have ETA 12Th February.

SEA 1456 is expected early March, more info added when we have a verified ETA.


SEA 1454 just arrived in Halden today 24 Th, we will start clearance and distribution tomorrow. Bring handle the trucking in Norway.

AIR 967 went into Nordic distribution today.

SEA 1455 is expected 7 – 10 Th. February.

Update Air & Sea

1453 arrived with a small delay in Rotterdam and finally arrived in Oslo yesterday with a week delay. We expect the goods to be arrive in Halden tomorrow and we will start on inland distribution. 

1454 unloaded in Rotterdam 2023-01-12 09:51, it was also slightly delayed in Rotterdam. It is possible that they did not get it on the feeder boat to Oslo in time, that vessel left the same day at 14-1500. We were expecting 1454 tomorrow but it may be a short week delay. We are waiting for confirmation on ETA.

AIR 966 is on schedule and will arrive in Halden today and into distribution tomorrow 17Th.

Update SEA

SEA 1453 is unloaded in Rotterdam today and hope to get onto feeder for arrival in Oslo 9Th January.
SEA 1454 is expected into Rotterdam the 10Th January and onto feeder for arrival in Oslo 14Th January.
SEA 1455 is expected into Rotterdam the 7Th February and onto feeder for arrival in Oslo 11Th February.

Air is on normal schedule, we ship from Newark late Thursday’s and into Nordic distribution after the weekend.

Update Air & Sea

AIR is on schedule, we usually distribute batches Monday or Tuesdays.

SEA 1453 is now expected in Oslo the 9Th January, there seem to be a 5 day delay into Rotterdam.
SEA 1454 has ETA Oslo 14Th January, on its way with no delays so far.
SEA 1455 has a preliminary ETA 4Th or 11Th February (pending vessel schedule).


AIR 962 just went into domestic distribution, going to Sweden & EU tomorrow.
SEA 1451 just arrived and will go into distribution tomorrow.
SEA 1452 expected tomorrow, we are working hard to get it into distribution Friday.

SEA 1453 was loaded on vessel 10Th December and is now expected into Oslo 7Th January 2023.
SEA 1454 has left our terminal in Newark and has a preliminary ETA 17Th January 2023.


AIR is on schedule, we usually distribute batches Monday or Tuesdays.

SEA 1451 & also 1452 is now expected 13-14Th December.
SEA 1453 has a preliminary ETA third January 2023.

Transport of Electric Vehicles.
Most ro-ro vessels will not accept Electric Vehicles anymore but we do have one ro-ro option from the East Coast though. There are some requirements like max 40% battery charge. Shared ride in a 40 foot container or single in a 20 footer is available at reasonable costs.

UPDATE Air & Sea

AIR is on normal Schedule, we collect during the week and received goods exported, transported to airport, loaded on flights and arrive OSLO in the weekend. We start on customs clearance and send to domestic distribution Monday / Tuesdays.

SEA 1451 is expected 6-8Th December, it was delayed out of the US and we are investigating the delay.

SEA 1452 is expected 10Th December and on schedule.

SEA 1453 is closing next week and we have a preliminary ETA around 22-24Th December.


AIR 953 will go into Nordic distribution starting tomorrow 18 Th October.

SEA 1450 is expected around 24-25Th October. The vessel is expected into LeHavre tonight 17 Th, continuing to Rotterdam and then the Nordic countries.