AIR844, SEA1406

Air 844 has left the US, estimated Nordic distribution 14-15 september.

Sea 1406 has preliminary ETA 8th October, we have seen outbound delays at US East Coast ports last month.

AIR 841, 842, 843, SEA 1406

Air 841, 842 received with the usual 2-3 days delay, 843 shipped from USA this last weekend.

SEA 1406 has been closed but there are outbound delays in the US, more info when we get this, assume a week or two delays.

AIR 839

AIR 839 have arrived Scandinavia, we expect to receive the goods in the afternoon and will start the customs clearances and scanning of this batch tomorrow.

AIR 838

AIR 838 have a preliminary arrival in Norway tomorrow and we expect most goods to be sent out for final mile delivery on wednesday.