Fremhevet innlegg


We are shipping out AIR every week as always, the Nordic distribution is Tuesdays in Norway and Wednesdays into EU. The pandemic has limited the overall number of flights and we have to close AIR batches every Thursday at approx 1PM US EST.

Repeatedly a new batch start Thursday afternoon and the goods received from then on will be shipped the following Thursday. And so it goes, every week. In case of more than 1 day of delays we will update the AIR status else consider the above as correct. Thanks for your understanding.

Status on SEA is a little difficult to predict and we will update SEA schedules more often.

AIR 888

AIR 888 is here in Norway, but the containers shall be held over at the airport over the weekend and be delivered on Monday. We will process it as quickly as we can, and get the packages sent out and ready for regular customer pickup on Tuesday. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

AIR 887

AIR 887 is delayed in the US, this batch will not arrive our warehouse in Halden until afternoon on friday 16th. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


AIR 884 is expected this afternoon, distribution in Norway from tomorrow 22 June, Sweden and EU from Wednesday.

SEA 1424 is expected in on the 2nd of July, SEA 1425 is expected mid July, there seem to be delays due to lack of containers or chassis and vessel rotation.


AIR 883 is expected to be in distribution 15-16 June.

SEA 1423 is now expected 17 June, we will start distributing as soon as possible.

AIR 882 went into distribution 8 June, Swedish and EU distribution was 2 days delayed but should be traceable by end of today.