Forfatterarkiv: JC Editor

AIR 828

This batch is delayed due to the general lack of AIR cargo space in these Covid-19 times.
We expect delivery to our distribution warehouse in Norway late monday.

AIR 824

AIR 824, we are starting to work on this batch today, it have been heavy delayed due to the massive amount of goods that are now trying to get secured space at cargo freight. We are still waiting for approx 25% of the goods from this shipment and hope to have everything shipped out today. We have done some changes due to moving our terminal to Delaware, so we are hoping this will affect the transit times in a positive way from air batch 825.

SEA 1398

UPDATE: This shipment is arriving to our warehouse on wednesday may 6th.
SEA 1398 is scheduled to arrive into Scandinavia within Week 19.

AIR 821 & 822

Due to eastern holidays and the fact that most of Scandinavia is off from work, we have decided to send the goods from batch 821 at the end of this week.
Since we would not be able to get it to our terminal in time for the easter holidays, we would not risk to have it stored somewhere along the road with the potential risk of it getting misplaced or lost. Batch 821 will therefore be sent together with batch 822.

AIR 820

UPDATE, AIR 820 ARRIVED 02.04.2020.
We have not resolved this flight yet, as soon as we have confirmed information we will post a new update.