Forfatterarkiv: JC Editor

AIR 910

Air batch 910 is delayed due to heavy pre Xmas traffic. All operating airlines struggle to have space enough for goods and we currently look at delivery to our bonded warehouse in Halden on Thursday at the moment.

SEA 1435

ETA 28/12 (unconfirmed)

UPDATE: New ETA 15/1 at port

17/1: Batch 1435 have just arrived in Halden and we are working on this shipment now.

AIR 901

AIR batch 901 is delayed, we expect to receive the goods at our warehouse in Halden on wednesday by the end of the day. Most goods should be in distribution on thursday afternoon. We are sorry for the delay.

AIR 899

UPDATE: Arrival of AIR batch 899 at the airport in Oslo is delayed until friday morning, we expect the goods to arrive at our warehouse in Halden late friday evening.
We are sorry for the delay and have asked our flight operator for the reason for this delay.