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SEA 1425

SEA 1425 has a new ETA 14/8 due to high traffic at the port in Bremerhaven. We are in communication with the shipping company to solve this as quickly as possible. We are very sorry for the delay.

Reduserte telefontider

På grunn av ferieavvikling vil vi ha reduserte telefontider i hele juli og begynnelsen av august.
Sommertider på telefonsentralen kommer til å vare frem til og med 10. august.
Sommertidene vil være:
Mandag – Fredag
10:00 – 11:30 og 12:30 til 14:45

SEA 1343

SEA Batch 1343 sailed from USA on March 20. It had a preliminary arrival date of April 9.

UPDATE: SEA 1343 had been delayed. It has arrived on Monday, April 23, and the packages will be trackable by Tuesday evening.

AIR 708

AIR 708 was 5 hours behind schedule yesterday and will arrive at our terminal in Halden in approx. 1 hour, we expect most packages to be trackable after 20:00 tomorrow.