Force majeure

NHO LT has declared a Force Majeure situation 
Dramatic measures have been introduced to as far as possible protect us against infection. Important institutions in society such as schools, kindergartens and educational institutions are being closed. Part of the population is working from home, many have been quarantined and the utmost caution is being exercised. 

Against this background, it is evident that the transport and logistics sector no longer has the possibility to operate as normal. NHO LT is thus of the opinion that we are in a force majeure situation. 

Being in a force majeure situation ordinarily means that one is not liable in terms of ongoing obligations and financial losses that arise. 

This is how this will affect you as a customer 

For you as a customer this will mean that any liability for delayed deliveries and deliveries outside the specified time frame will lapse.

It will also mean that we cannot be expected to comply with agreed schedules, and it will impact our general quality and cause delays. 

How severely this situation will impact our operations is currently uncertain, and we will strive to follow ordinary plans as far as possible. We will also provide continuous updates on the situation and which measures JetCarrier/Magnum is implementing to manage the period we are entering.