Sea freight

We offers shipping by sea from US to Scandinavia several times each month. There is no limits in size or weight. Shipping by sea is has a significant lower pice then shipping by air. Calculation weight/volume is 1 to 1. To find the shipping cost for your package, you need to know the weight and volume of your package.


Sea freight from US to Scandinavia
Normal sea freights takes approx. 21 days from the day the ship leaves port in the US until they arrives to our warehouse. Unforeseen events can happen, and delays will occur. 21 days in an estimate and can not be guaranteed. This is an average calculation based  on earlier transport times. Calculated price from the terminal to your home, depends on several variables such as weight on the package and your postal number.

Cut off table
We have no cut off tables for our sea freight solution, Once a container is full, it will be prepared for shipment. If you wish to decide when the shipment of your goods are to be made, you will need a Club JC membership. Then you can use StandBy booking for your packages and release them for shipment when you decide. The packages will remain in USA until you release them.