Club JC

As a member in Club JC you will have a lot of benefits.
If you subscribe for a year, you can save a lot of money on freight. Club JC members also gets a lot of advantages such as; 14 days free of charge warehouse hotel, the possibility to put your packages in “Stand by” in US, and access to Shop4you. Read more about S4Y here.
See the chart beneath for more information about Club JC and the benefits you get.The membership lasts for 12 months, and will be renewed automatically until you cancel your subscription.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you’ll have to log in to your Paypal account and cancel the subscription there. Click on this link for an easy explanation on how to cancel your subscription.

Club JC
 Member price.
49 USD/year
 Mailbox in New Jersey.
 Pick up packages in Norway.
 7-days free storage of packages in Norway.
 Possibility to add insurance.
 Pick up services in US. We do the pick up.
 Access to Shop4you.
 Access to Standby. Read more.
 30 days free of charge package hotel in Norway

NOTE! We have to activate the Club JC membership manually and your account must be updated with the new sevices. This will be done within 12-24 hours after we received payment from PayPal. Memberships paid after 18:00 on thursdays will normally not be active before monday.