SEA 1381

SEA 1381 will be departing the US this week, and is currently scheduled to arrive into Norway Sept 8.

UPDATE: SEA 1381, PostNord will pick up the packages today (Thursday, Sept 12), and packages will be fully trackable later this evening.

And, for our Hentekunder, you may come after 13:00 to pick up your packages.

AIR 789

AIR 789 is late to arrive to our terminal in Halden. It is arriving this Tuesday morning.  
We will begin processing as soon as it arrives. We expect to finish processing the batch today (Tuesday).
Local pickup will be pushed 1 day back and the goods will be ready on Wednesday from 13:00.

SEA 1380

SEA 1380 is due into Norway next week (Week 35).

Update: SEA 1380 has been processed and distributed. PostNord will pickup the packages later today. 
Pickup customers, you may come and pickup your packages today after 13:00.

NB: Packages that are set to be checked by Tollkontroll, will be checked next week (Week 36), and will be ready for shipping/pickup after they are cleared.

AIR 788

AIR 788 has been processed and distributed. Packages are fully trackable later this evening, and ready for pick-up on Tuesday.

AIR 786

AIR 786 was processed and given to PostNord yesterday (Aug. 6). The packages will be fully trackable later today, after they have processed them at their Langhus distribution center.

SEA 1379

SEA 1379 is due into Norway in 2 weeks, within Week 33.

SEA 1379 packages were processed on Thursday and Friday (Aug 15-16) of last week, and sent out on Friday. Packages are trackable and ready for pickup.

SEA 1378

SEA 1378 is due to arrive here to Norway within Week 31.

Update: SEA 1378 arrived in the morning (Wednesday, July 31), and will be finished and sent out tomorrow (Thursday, August 1).