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AIR 751

AIR 751 cargo usually leaving JFK on sundays is delayed 2 days. We are awaiting feedback from Norwegian for the reason for the delay. We will not be able to scan and custom clear 751 goods until thursday.

Due to cancellation of another flight from JFK on friday and the fact that Norwegian had to set up a smaller aircraft on saturday they where not able to transport our cargo until the next Dreamliner departs today. This is because of cargo is optimized for the cargo space in the Dreamliner aircrafts.

Utlevering av gods

Utlevering av gods
Vi kommer til å ha reduserte utleveringstider for henting av pakker og gods i hele juli og frem til og med 10. august. Utleveringstidene vil være:
Tirsdager 15:00 – 17:45
Torsdager 14:00 – 15:45

Reduserte telefontider

På grunn av ferieavvikling vil vi ha reduserte telefontider i hele juli og begynnelsen av august.
Sommertider på telefonsentralen kommer til å vare frem til og med 10. august.
Sommertidene vil være:
Mandag – Fredag
10:00 – 11:30 og 12:30 til 14:45

SEA 1343

SEA Batch 1343 sailed from USA on March 20. It had a preliminary arrival date of April 9.

UPDATE: SEA 1343 had been delayed. It has arrived on Monday, April 23, and the packages will be trackable by Tuesday evening.

AIR 708

AIR 708 was 5 hours behind schedule yesterday and will arrive at our terminal in Halden in approx. 1 hour, we expect most packages to be trackable after 20:00 tomorrow.

AIR 707

AIR 707 is delayed from the airport in the US and will not arrive until late this evening, we expect most packages to be trackable after 20:00 tomorrow.