AIR 743

We have finally received the missing packages from last weeks batch. They are prioritized and will be sent out today. We are sorry about the delay this have caused for some of our customers.

We expect to have the packages from the missing crate sent out on monday. They should be trackable after 20:00 same day.

10.10.2018 kl. 15:35
The missing crate is now located in France and Norwegian is getting it transported to us in Norway asap, a new update will follow tomorrow.
UPDATED 10.10.2018
Our airline is still looking for the missing crate. We do not expect anything to be solved today unfortunately.
UPDATED 09.10.2018
AIR 743: the airline have shipped 1 crate containing approx 136 packages from this air shipment to the wrong airport. They are trying to sort it out as fast as possible but we expect at least 1 more day before all packages from this shipment will be sent out from our bonded warehouse in Halden.
UPDATED: AIR 743 is 1 day delayed. More information will be published tomorrow, notification is also sent out be e-mail to everyone with packages in this shipment.

AIR 743 has arrived and is being processed. Packages should be trackable later this evening.