StandBy rules

This is a set of rules explaining how we handle incomming goods.

Customer have no StandBy bookings on either AIR or SEA
Package is sent based on our normal rules.

Customer have StandBy bookings on AIR or SEA

  • Received package will be checked towards customers bookings and if we find a match on either shippers name or tracknumber it is placed on Standby.
  • If a package arrives but the customer have «used» up all StandBy bookings the package will be placed on StandBy if the shippers name is exactly the same as an already received StandBy package. For instance, you book two StandBy packages with shipper Amazon. Both is received and matched towards the booking. A third package arrives a few days later. If the first 2 packages is still on StandBy, we will generate a new StandBy booking for the third package.
  • If you have StandBy bookings from the same seller on both AIR and SEA it is important that you enter the trackingnumber for all AIR packages when you book them. Otherwise all packages will be placed on SEA.

NOTE! These rules will be upated frequently, check them each time you use our StandBy feature.