Forfatterarkiv: Chris

SEA 1371

SEA 1371 has finally left New York Harbor and is headed out to sea. It should arrive here and be processed on 2. May.

SEA 1370

SEA 1370 had a delayed departure; it’s currently on its way, leaving New York Harbor and out to sea.

Update: SEA 1370 is arriving to our terminal tomorrow, 10. April.

SEA 1369

SEA 1369 has finally been given a departure date of today, and its tentative ETA is Week 14.

UPDATE: The ship has been re-scheduled to arrive to Norway April 2, and probably will be processed here at our terminal April 3.

SEA 1369 has been processed and distributed. PostNord has the packages; tracking is available.

AIR 764

AIR 764 is delayed due to the severe winter weather conditions at JFK Airport.

We suspect processing of the Batch will be delayed by 2 days.

Packages were processed and shipped out on 7. March.