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OBDLink MX WiFi - Car Diagnostic Scanner
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OBDLink MX WiFi - Car Diagnostic Scanner

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OBD-II car port diagnostic scanner

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is also the first WiFi scanner that can communicate with the MS CAN & SW CAN networks plus the standard five OBD-II protocols. Also can be used as a trip computer. OBDlink MX WiFI is up to 3 times quicker than the comparable OBD2 WiFi scanner.

Vehicle Compatibility:
OBDLink MX Wi-Fi works with all 1996 & newer model year cars and light trucks sold in the U.S., including all American, European, and Asian vehicles. 

OBDLink MX WiFi features Plug and Play connectivity with your PC, Android, iPhone; Smart Watch or any other standard WiFi device. OBDLink MX WiFi is our latest; most advanced scan tool that supports all OBD-2 compliant vehicles. OBDLink MX WiFi works with Apples apps out of the box. Basic diagnostic software included with the scan tool; allows you to:

  • Turn off Check Engine Light; and erase stored diagnostic information
  • Read and Erase Trouble Codes (Generic and Manufacturer-Specific)
  • Display; graph; and log 90+ real-time parameters
  • Access freeze frame information
  • Create custom digital dashboards
  • Measure and display fuel economy
  • World’s fastest Wi-Fi OBD adapter – Accelerates apps by up to 250% and PC software by up to 300%. Experience faster screen updates and more graph points.
  • Supports SW CAN & MS CAN protocols – Access these proprietary GM & Ford networks in addition to the 5 standard OBD-II protocols.
  • Small form factor – At just under 2” long, OBDLink won’t obstruct driver legroom.
  • Strong Wi-Fi Security – Cutting-edge security scheme virtually eliminates the risk of unauthorized access.
  • BatterySaver™ Technology – Plug it in, leave it in — without the danger of draining your vehicle’s battery. Fully automatic, no switches or button presses required!
  • Read & Clear Check Engine light – Check diagnostic codes yourself and make confident, informed repair decisions.
  • Works on Android and iOS phones & tablets, Windows PCs & laptops – Transform any of these into a sophisticated diagnostics tool and performance monitor.
  • Works on a wider range of vehicles – OBDLink’s advanced algorithm enables MX Wi-Fi to connect to more OBDII-compliant makes & models than any other scan tool. Works with all 1996 & newer cars and light trucks sold in the United States.
  • Free, exclusive OBDLink apps for Android and iOS – Read trouble codes, clear the “Check Engine” light, monitor performance, analyze fuel economy, and much more.
  • Free PC diagnostics software – Includes’s exclusive OBDwiz license for Windows (a $39.95 value)
  • More software – Works with more 3rd party apps & software than any other adapter.
  • Free updates – Download the latest firmware & software to get new features and keep your adapter up to date.

Exclusive OBDLink Features

  • Extended command set – Enables OBDLink MX Wi-Fi to perform enhanced diagnostics not possible with ELM327-based scan tools. 100% backwards-compatible with legacy ELM327 command set.
  • Upgradeable firmware – Free updates that unlock new features and keep your adapter up to date.
  • BatterySaver™ – Allows MX Wi-Fi to automatically enter Sleep mode when not in use, substantially saving current draw on your vehicle’s battery.
  • Advanced multi-protocol auto-detect algorithm – OBDLink MX Wi-Fi connects to more OBD-II vehicles than any adapter on the market.
  • Smart keep-alive algorithm – Ensures a stable connection on ISO and KWP vehicles
  • Large CAN memory buffer – Based on the STN1110 IC, MX Wi-Fi uses a variant of STN1170, allowing MX to manage larger amounts of data without error compared to older ELM327-based scan tools.

You’ll have lots of app and software options, as OBDLink MX is backwards-compatible with the popular ELM327 command set. Here’s a small sample of recommended apps and software:


  • OBDLink (free, exclusive)
  • Dash
  • Torque Pro
  • obdCANex
  • DashCommand
  • Harry’s Lap Timer


  • OBDLink (free, exclusive)
  • Dash
  • DashCommand
  • Harry’s Lap Timer


  • OBDwiz (FREE, exclusively for OBDLink devices)
  • ScanMaster

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