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AIR 704

This AIR shipment will be 3 day delayed due to weather conditions in the USA. Airport authorities have cancelled all cargo shipments due to security reasons and we expect this shipment to arrive at our terminal in Halden on thursday and should be trackable on friday.

SEA 1334

Have finally arrived and is almost ready to be sent out. Most customers will have  a working track number later today and some will have a working track tomorrow.

SEA 1335 and 1336

Have arrived at our terminal in Halden. Most of the goods in batch 1335 is customs cleared and will be trackable later this evening. We will start the work on batch 1336 tomorrow and expect it to be near completion by 16:00 tomorrow.

Customers performing their own pickup must wait until they receive e-mail before attempting to collect their goods at our terminal.

Air 703

AIR batch 703 flys out on dec. 31, but due to Xmas holidays it will not arrive at our warehouse until 12:00 today. Most packages will be trackable in Scandinavia late evening jan. 3.

Site certificate

We have had a minor problem today with an address on a SSL certificate causing some browsers and operation systems to give an error or block your access. We have created a temporarily workaround until we can get a new certificate from our provider.

Our site should now be operational again for all users.

Air 702

This week packages will be added until friday dec. 22. This will be AIR batch 702 and flys out on dec. 24. Most packages will be trackable in Scandinavia late evening dec. 27.