Price list additional services

JetCarrier will, within an economical aspect, try to give the best possible price (all inclusive)
Ordinary packages that contains regular goods to individuals, is mostly free from most additional costs.

This makes it simple for:
: us to invoice
: you to control

There are unfortunately some exceptions where we have to calculate a surcharge,
which is listed below. They affect less than 10% of our shipments during one year.
The surcharges is added to ordinary shipping costs.

Updated pricelist 01.01.2018

  • Motorcycle in box: 175 USD This covers materials and time to build the crate.
  • Disbursement fee for business clients: 3% of MVA cost, min 45 NOK.
  • Pickup arrangements: minimum startcost 125 USD
  • Customs clearance for business customers: 90 NOK (usually) and up to 290 NOK (complex customs clearance)
  • Customs clearance of MC, ATV, snowmobile, watercraft etc.: 290 NOK (complex paperworks)
  • Customs clearance of weapons parts***: 290 NOK (barrel & other restricted items)
  • Customs clearance of candy or food: 150 – 290 NOK.
  • Customs clearance of alcohol: 150 – 290 NOK Depends on quantity and complexity.
  • Customs clearance of gold/silver etc. : 150 – 290 NOK Depends on quantity and complexity
  • Returnhandling: 200 NOK inc. VAT pr. package, if you want the package reshipped the price is 350 NOK total (inc. mva) pr. package for packages up to 30 kg/150 dm3. Oversized goods will be priced separately.
  • Return received package in USA: 200 NOK + return cost if htis is not covered by the sender. Only for packages that are received at the terminal in Linden.
  • Shipping to military field post: 90 NOK (included repack, max 5 kg per. package)
  • Shipping to Svalbard: 190 NOK extra per. package.
  • Oversized goods:
    SEA freight (L-B-H over 240 cm): up to 40% increase on our price list.
    AIR freight (L-B over 240 cm, H over 150 cm): up to 300% increase on our price list. Contact us for a price offer if you are sending oversized goods on AIR.
  • Storage rental* ordinary storage: 100 NOK per. week per. m3, minimum 25 NOK
  • Storage rental* customs clearance: 200 NOK per. week per. m3, minimum. 50 NOK
  • Cancel Club JC subscription: 4 USD pr. started month and 10 USD administration fee

*Regular customers have seven days storage free of charge, while members of Club JC has thirty days storage free of charge. The price for customs clearance is the same for all customers, and there is no free storage. Storage rent is invoiced on full weeks. That means 1-7 days overdue is one week, and 8-14 days is two weeks etc.

**If you cancel your Club JC subscription before it is renewed there will be no additional costs, these costs only apply if you want to cancel after the automatic renewal process have been done by PayPal.

***If you are planning on buying gunparts and related items you  must make sure the seller send us the export license for the item(s) you have ordered in advance of your package arriving our terminal in USA. Failure to meet this requirements will result in return of your goods